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Our story starts from Connecticut.

The founder of woman survival was recognized in 2023 for being the only organization in the US thats been giving back to communities  since 2009 without any donations or funding. Her free programs has landed more that 10,000 women in new medical careers globally over the past 14 years.

The purpose of the Woman Survival Academy is to help women and employers make the right employment matches, to enhance economic development and education, and to prepare women with the necessary knowledge and skills to compete in a global healthcare economy.


Woman Survival Academy free programs directly relate to business and healthcare industry needs. 

Programs and classes are strongly tied to economic development for which job openings are available or projected. The women receive supplementary training, preparatory training, and apprenticeship training in general and specific workforce competencies based on needs and healthcare demands, such as phlebotomy, medical assistant and patient care technician.


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