Youth Survival™ Healthcare Workforce Pathway

Meeting The Youth Where They Are! Ages 16-23 only

No need to spend thousands attending multiple trainings when you can do it all in one shot and gain multiple certifications!

Understanding the facts! Local schools will charge over $15,000 for their cost of training and with high interest loans for just one trade. We like for Woman Survival students to be debt free, The Nationally Certified Multi-Skilled Healthcare Technician™ is Trademarked. Woman Survival is the only non profit organization in the US authorized to offer this program to the youth and women in the community. Schools interested in the Trademarked program MUST have approval from the National Healthcare Workers Association’s legal department.

What are Multi-Skilled Stacked Credentials

Multi-Skilled Stacked Credentials are registered marks owned by the National Healthcare Workers Association. Graduates of this program earn multi skilled stacked credentials not the typical single medical assistant, or phlebotomy technician there is a big difference. Employers recognize the difference. Click the 3 links below to learn more. (No other credentialing body has the authority to issue these credentials)

Nationally Certified Multi-Skilled Phlebotomy Technician (Earn 2 credentials)

Nationally Certified Multi-Skilled Medical Assistant (Earn 3 credentials)

Nationally Certified Multi-Skilled Healthcare Technician (Earn 5 credentials)

Helping the Youth Earn Multi-Skilled Credentials before Highschool Graduation

Youth Survival requires no admissions test for entry to the Youth Healthcare Workforce pathway program™. Our focus is on increasing access for all Connecticut youth and students ages 16-23 to a high-quality advanced in demand healthcare trade and nationally recognized credentials. It’s been proven by experts according to the National Healthcare Workers Association( that admission testing does not always accurately measure the skill and knowledge of prospective students.

Understanding the value of high school students and the youth staying debt free, by becoming Nationally certified and Youth Healthcare Workforce Skills Certified™ before graduation.

Flexibility for Connecticut’s Youth to earn the only Multi-Skilled Stacked Healthcare Workforce credentials for the youth. Owned by The National Healthcare Workers Association (NHCWA).

With two classes a week and easy mobile access, even the busiest youth can successfully complete the Youth Healthcare Workforce Pathway Program™.


Meet Connecticut Nurse Ruth 2011 Woman Survival Graduate now a Nurse and Home Owner

Who can attend?

We welcome youth from every city in the State of Connecticut ages 16-23 (valid state of CT ID is required prior to acceptance)

Program Overview

Youth Healthcare Workforce Pathway Program™ 

Length 8 weeks 

Class Hours 10am-3pm

Start Date Saturday June 22nd2024

Last Class Saturday August 17th 2024

National Exam Friday August 23rd 2024

Graduation ceremony Saturday August 31st 2024  2pm-4pm 


Youth Survival Healthcare Workforce Pathway Program will be held in Shelton CT Starting June 22 2024

What will the youth EARN at the completion of this 8-week program?

Nationally Recognized Healthcare Credentials for employment

This program is a serious commitment that requires 25-30 hours of weekly home study. You will be provided a brand new laptop when accepted into the program. We understand family and friends want to celebrate with you, but unfortunately this year woman survival graduates are limited to 5- graduation tickets per family. Last year we hand over 150 at our graduation.



Life Skills (In person)

Life Coaching (In person)

 Self Coaching (In person)

Multi-Skilled Healthcare Technician 200-hr Program Online Education ONLY through NCMTI Institute (NOT IN PERSON) Click here to learn more about Earn 4 industry recognized credentials in the medical field.

Teas 7 Exam Prep (In person) Class ( This prepares the youth for the Teas 7 entrance exam required for all nursing programs

Youth Healthcare Workforce Skills Certification(Hands-on Skills) National Healthcare Workers Association (NHCWA) Phlebotomy, EKG, Medical Assistant, Healthcare Assistant and Multi-Skilled Healthcare Technician

CPR (In person) 160 hour externship(Local Healthcare Facility) 

Financial Literacy (In person)






Youth Healthcare Workforce Skills Certification (



National Certification Exam

NHCWA (National Healthcare Workers Association) Youth Healthcare Workforce Credentials™

Youth Healthcare Workforce Program had 19 Connecticut students pass the NHCWA Nationally Certified Multi-Skilled Healthcare Technician Certification exam

What is a Nationally Certified Multi-Skilled Healthcare Technician™?


The Nationally Certified Multi-Skilled Healthcare Technician™ is a trademarked credential owned by The NATIONAL HEALTHCARE WORKERS ASSOCIATION (NHCWA) Click here to Learn More! 

Woman Survival™ Academy Youth Survival™ Program Graduates

Connecticut Youth Nationally Certified Healthcare Professionals before they complete High School

Meet The Free Phlebotomy Class

Meet Connecticut Resident Laquinda 2012 Woman Survival Graduate 10 year Quest Diagnostic employee

How do I register for this program?
Registration is now open. Applicants will be invited to the info session Saturday May 19th 12:30-3pm. We will be locking the doors at 12:45. Must have photo ID to register. If your under 18 an adult must be present with you to register. Shelton CT location will be emailed to you Saturday

Why do we only accept 30 students from Connecticut? Since 2011 we have never received donations or grants to help the youth in Connecticut. The founder has done it all as an act of kindness. In 2024 we are now working with sponsors to increase that number to 60 students a year. Please be patient with us. Thank you!

Youth Survival and Woman Survival is a registered 501c3 non profit and a registered charity. The program has been offered in Connecticut since 2011 free to the youth and woman in the community.

Companies are required to disclose if they receive funding or grants. Unfortunately we have never received any grants or donations for Youth Survival or Woman Survival. The founder has solely funded this amazing program for the youth and women with no assistance since 2011. 

If you would like to sponsor a High School student or Connecticut Youth please feel free to contact woman survival. Click here for sponsorship information

Emergency Contact Information

Please enter the name of the parent or guardian who should be contacted in the case of an emergency.