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Global Woman Survival Association has partnered with online learning platform NCMTI.com to give unemployed, underemployed, youth, teen moms and women free access to in demand healthcare training courses to help them “develop the knowledge and skills to become re-employed,” Nearly 700,000 women are still out of work and filing for unemployment benefits globally. Woman Survivals free training has helped thousands of women skill-up and get back to work.

These classes and programs provide classroom learning and training activities combined with guided on-the-job learning/training workforce experiences for women eighteen (18) years of age and older.

Woman Survival Academy was designed to help women and employers make the right employment matches, to enhance economic development and education, and to prepare women with the necessary knowledge and skills to compete in a global healthcare economy.

Woman Survival Academy free programs directly relate to healthcare industry needs. 

Woman Survival Programs and classes are strongly tied to economic development for which job openings are available or projected. The women receive supplementary training, preparatory training, and apprenticeship training in general and specific workforce competencies based on needs and healthcare demands, such as phlebotomy, medical assistant, and patient care technician.

Women are enrolled for the following reasons:
        •       Job improvement in the healthcare workplace
        •       Technological changes and demands
        •       Required training and certification for employment
        •       Employment in a new high-growth career

The economic and educational benefits for woman Survival academy are: 

        •       More women are able to obtain productive employment
        •       Increase in service quality and product quality
        •       Growth increase in small and medium size companies
        •       Healthcare demands
        •       Greater international competition
        •       Increased productivity
        •       Increase in local, state, and federal taxes
        •       Increase in personal income

Thanks to volunteer educators, certified life coaches, mental health technicians, partner schools, national certification authorities and employers Woman Survival Academy will offer Tuition Free Job training and career support opportunities for women. Classes will begin March 9th 2024. Per our agreement with employers and the National Certification Body all students are required to complete a mandatory hands-on externship, phlebotomy students must successfully complete 100 live blood draws. 

Please be mindful the Founder of  Woman Survival provides these free programs out of generosity. Woman Survival’s History began in Connecticut in 2009 and has now made a global impact. Woman Survival has never received any Grants, Funding or Donations for this free program. 

Please understand that there are so many women in need of this free program we would kindly ask that when you sign up you are willing to make a commitment to yourself and the program? We would not want someone in need to lose a seat for someone that’s not really interested in the program. As perviously stated the founder solely funds these free programs without any assistance. Click here to learn more about the founder that provides these free opportunity for women


Admission Requirements: For Women Only

Locations: You can join womansurvival.org no matter what state you live in. There is a mandatory externship requirement.

Next Class for Surgical Tech, Phlebotomy and Medical Assistant starts March 9th. Only 30 women will be accepted for each state.

You will receive uniform, books and technology at the mandatory orientation. Please take note orientation is considered the 1ts day of class.   


What is the purpose of this program?

Woman Survival Academy’s Free Job Training Program is designed to foster economic independence and self-reliance among women survivors of domestic violence, new immigrant populations that are particularly vulnerable to abuse and exploitation and unemployed or under employed women, youth and teen moms. Woman Survival Academy sessions are only open to women in the communities. Our comprehensive free program for women offers, computer training, resume writing, women’s self coaching, financial literacy, and job training, instruction and resources in the following areas:

Multi-Skilled Healthcare Technician

Multi-Skilled Medical Technician

Phlebotomy Technician

EKG/Cardiac Monitor Technician

Patient Care Associate


Financial Literacy

Career Development


Workforce Professionalism

Resume, Cover Letter, Interview and Job Search Skills

Basic Computer and Software Skills

Assertive Communication & Boundaries



Women Employment after Woman Survival Graduation
















Services vary from state to state, so please check out the individual programs below to find out what is offered in your state.

Life Skills and life Coach 

NCMTI Institute Access

Mandatory Externship

National Certification Exam

Job Ready Class


Life SkillsPhlebotomy 25- Hours a week home study2 Weeks   April
Life CoachingMedical Assistant 25 Hours a week home study4 Weeks   June
Financial LiteracySurgical Tech 35 Hours a week home study4-Weeks   June
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